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The Ultimate Local’s Guide to Hawaii Oahu

When you talk about surfing, what is the first place to pop in your head? Hawaii, right? This beautiful place is home not only to surfing friendly ocean waves but also to amazing beaches, the adventure-filled jungles and amiable residents. Most people might mistakenly believe that Hawaii is this huge tropic land surrounded by the ocean, but it is not, rather Hawaii is a collection of small islands that make up the 50th state of America. 

One of the best places to be in Hawaii is the island known as Oahu. If you are thinking of staying in this island for good or maybe just plan a few days trip, you will have fun with the great selection of activities you can do in your excursion.  

How to live like a Local in Oahu 

  1. Visit local tourist spots. To feel like a local in Oahu, you must know and experience the best tourist destinations it offers to foreigners and visitors alike. Never miss to go to the Pearl Harbor and commemorate the death of 2,000 people that died there in the early 1940s. You can also visit the Iolani palace and the Byodo-In temple for some more historical tours. 
  2. Buy in local markets. A lot of people visiting another place avoid visiting the local markets. Due to the island’s warm weather, Oahu’s production of vegetables and fruits hardly go out of season. If you want fresh fishes, you have to get up early and go to Pier 38 where you will find the freshest fishes for sale. If you want a quick snack, food trucks are everywhere in Oahu as well. 
  3. Eat local. To experience the best Oahu can offer, fill your tummy with Hawaiian food. Not only that you will be munching on lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and sea foods, you will also find that they’ve shared much more than the popular ‘Hawaiian pizza’ name to the world –Hawaiian pizza came from the Germans! Try their Laulau, a native dish of pork, chicken and vegetables. They also have Kalau where pig or pork is cooked in the imu (oven in the ground) seasoned with Hawaiian salt and seasonings. For the sweet-tooth, the Haupia (dessert cooked in coconut milk and sugar) should be perfect for you.    

   Oahu is a fantastic place for those of you who want to relax on the beach and enjoy a wonderful time as an islander. While surfing and hiking are the top things to do in Oahu, you might also try to do the ones listed here to get the most of your stay in this lovely haven.   

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