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Home Buying Guidelines

If you’re thinking about buying your first home, there’s tons to consider as you go from the initial shopping process all the way to signing the final papers. If you’ve never purchased property before, the concept may seem very overwhelming at first. However, with some planning, you can find the house of your dreams. Here are some tips to help you make a smart purchase on your first home.

Plan your budget ahead of time.

The first thing to do when shopping for a home is to determine a realistic budget. You’ll need to factor in not only the price of your mortgage, but also realty fees and the cost of maintenance for your home. Ideally, you should budget for slightly less than you can afford, as this will ensure that you can afford your home comfortably. When looking for homes, try to stick to your budget strictly. This will ensure that you do not fall in love with a home that is far out of your price range.

Find a realtor you trust.

Your realtor will be your guide when it comes to purchasing your home. Therefore, your realtor should be someone you are very comfortable with and who you feel has your best interests at heart. Don’t be afraid to consult with several different realtors before committing to one who best suits your needs. You’ll also want to consider the realtor’s experience and find out if they’ve worked on past projects that are similar to yours.

Have your loan preapproved by a bank.

Once you do find a home you like, having a loan already available will make the process of closing the deal much easier. If you aren’t sure how to get a loan from a bank, try talking to your real estate agent to get a referral. They should be able to point you in the direction of a mortgage broker they trust.

Make sure your home is in good shape.

It’s important to have your home inspected before finalizing the purchase. Although you may be interested in purchasing a home that needs some repairs, you don’t want to purchase a home only to find out there’s more that needs to be fixed than you realize. Having your home inspected is usually worth the cost, as it provides you with peace of mind and prevents you from finding out about costly problems later on down the line.